I’ve done a few Madonna Lego projects in the past.  She is inspiring to me today in a totally different way than when she was in her 20’s and 30’s.  As she turns 60, I wanted to do a project that showed her vast scope.

Lego usually does a blind-bagged Minifigure Series a few times a year.  Blind-bagged means you don’t know which character you are getting in the bag.  The series are often themed and generally have 16 characters.   As I started the project, I kept removing more and more from the list of looks I wanted to concur, but I couldn’t remove anymore, so the project went to 20.

I started with Madonna 1958 her birth year.  In 1978, the LEGO Minifigure was introduced to the world, so I thought I would capture Madonna at that time.  Working as an Art Model in her new home of NYC.   I proceeded through her career up until Living For Love, her latest album.  She has many iconic looks that I couldn’t fit in this series, and hopefully more looks to come.

All of the parts, including cloth and accessories, are all official LEGO parts, except the fabric I used for the bow on the Material Girl figure.  I designed that in a similar way to many of the LEGO fabric pieces.  The original non-moveable legs piece is used on the “Rain” Minifigure.

I enjoyed every aspect of this project, from the design of the figures, the photography, the packaging and checklist design, and the time spent listening to Madonna in the background as I worked to bring this giant icon down to childhood fantasy size.  I hope she has an amazing birthday!




  1. I forget to include include email notification so I’ll type again how much individual models if I wanted to make up a set of choice? 😉


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