The Process



Elvira will be SO EXCITED when she sees this!!! (I hope!!!)


I’ve been a fan of ELVIRA since I laid eyes on her.  Besides her incredible look, I’ve always loved her tongue-in-cheek humor.  It’s filled with snappy comebacks, innuendo and physical comedy.  Even as a little gay boy, I couldn’t get enough boob jokes.  I watched her first movie “Elvira Mistress of the Dark” many many times.  I still quote it without thinking in everyday conversation.

When I decided to do a portrait, I wanted an image like the one above, that would capture the humor.  However, the image I choose was just too spectacular.  It’s so striking and magical.   The excited Elvira above will get a portrait soon.


After selecting the image and size I will do it, I start laying out some pieces to hold the baseplates together and structuring the main face shapes.  I like to start with the lips.


My Color Palette with the smallest piece available in each color.


I use the original image a lot and draw squares on it when I fill in areas.  This gives me reference for where I am later, because it’s easy to get lost.


I love that eye!!


I sent this to my friend and fellow fan Richard.  He knew who it was already, so that was a good sign.  If I can’t recognize it by this phase, I start over.


Between these two images is a period much longer than one would think.


My work area is fairly organized.  Sorting LEGO pieces by color and size makes it easier to find parts, but it’s not a fun job.


This looks done, but it’s not.  I ran out of Pink and Purple pieces and am waiting for a shipment.  You will have to check out the final image when i post it.