Making The Golden Girls Grab That Dough Playset has been one of the most pleasurable and flattering experiences I’ve had.

This episode is one of my favorites in the series.  In it, the girls become contestants on a game show, during which they start a feud with each other.  So when I was asked to make this commission piece, I jumped at the chance.

James MacKrell plays the game show host Guy Corbin in the episode.  His Daughter Catie contacted me telling me how much her father had enjoyed the Golden Girls Lego set, and the little Grab that Dough image I had made.  He had used it as his Facebook Banner on his page.  She asked me to make a set of just the episode for his birthday.

I think the set captures the spirit of the episode.



Dorothy in the GRAB THAT DOUGH booth.


Catie had the set put in a display box and sent me images.  She told me her father loved it.


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