FAITH 990 Pieces – 2018

FAITH 990 Pieces – 2018

15.125″ X 15.125″

George Micheal was my first man out of drag portrait.  He was a gay icon, before he got outed as gay.  I never cared who he had sex with.  Faith put him on the map as a pop star on his own.  It was fun and happy, but had hidden messages and deeper meaning.   He went on to inspire me with his musical talent.



  1. Swoon! I love this so much! George Michael was my huge crush in the 80’s and this picture is just amazing! If this is ever for sale, please let me know!



  2. Thank you for the kind words Tracy. Everything on the site is for sale. Use the CONTACT tab at the top of the page and send me an email. I can give you prices for any of the models. I also do commissions in Mosaic Style or in 3D (Such as the Golden Girls or the Deer) Prices are based on how many pieces, amount of time, and complexity.
    Thank you again for the enthusiasm and love.


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