REBEL 4043 Pieces – 2017

REBEL 4043 Pieces – 2017
30.25″ X 30.25″

A friend I admire greatly saw the second portrait I was working on.  He demonstrated great faith in my work and said he would love a Carrie Fisher portrait done in her iconic Princess Leia costume.  While doing research, I fell in love with the dramatic red light of this image.  She’s holding a weapon and making her escape will the alarms and signal lights are blaring.  She says cool under the pressure.

After Carrie’s death, I knew I had to do the portrait to honor her and the friend who had suggested it.


REBEL 4043 Pieces – 2017 Upper Detail
REBEL 4043 Pieces – 2017 Bun Detail
REBEL 4043 Pieces – 2017 Background Detail


    1. This piece is available and is $3500
      I could do a commission of another image or change some major things about this image if you wanted. I don’t like to make an exact copy of any of my pieces.


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