JUSTICE 2964 Pieces – 2017

JUSTICE 2964 Pieces – 2017
30.25″ X 30.25″

I fell in love with Lynda Carter when I was 4 years old.  She was the heroine I dreamed I could be.  She tried to avoid fighting, using Bracelets to deflect attacks, a Lasso to bind an opponent, and the Truth to bring light to a situation.  She fought only when she needed to.

One night I was in the bathtub, when I heard the theme song from the show start in the living room.  I knew I had to hurry, or I would miss some of the show.  My 4 year old self jumped up in the tub and spun around, like Diana Prince would do to turn into Wonder Woman.  I slipped in the tub and cracked my chin open.  There was blood everywhere.  My mother drove me to the emergency room, where I got a long line of stitches across my chin, leaving a scar there to this day.  My mother tells me that I cried the whole way to the hospital, but not because I was hurt.  In the days before HULU, TIVO, DVR, DVD, and even VHS tapes, I was sure that I was missing the episode forever and I would never see the adventure that Wonder Woman would take.

I also credit Wonder Woman with helping me discover that I was different.  I didn’t really want to be a girl, but I wanted to be Wonder Woman.  Mostly so I could be the defender and rescue Steve Trevor who was played by the extremely handsome Lyle Waggoner.  He was my first little boy crush.  I was too young to understand the feelings I had, but I knew they were there, and I knew other little boys were not feeling them like I was.  When we would play Super Heroes at school, I was always laughed at because I chose Wonder Woman instead of Superman, or Batman, or even Aquaman.

This is my favorite portrait in the series.  I love the way her eyes are so bright and the way the tiara reflects the light.  Even without a big smile, Lynda showed grace and serenity and love radiates from her.  GREAT HERA!


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